What we do for our clients


Qualitative recruitment

We recruit respondents for the following:

  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Accompanied shops
  • Mystery shopping
  • Product trials
  • Sensory research
  • Recruitment from client lists

Our Operations Manager's primary responsibility is to oversee all projects from conception to execution with the help of our recruitment consultants.

Quantitative recruitment

Whether large or small, we organise product testing sessions with expertise in FMCG and concept testing. Chitchat Research can also arrange incentive payments if necessary.

Realtime survey feedback

Our online screener is extremely versatile in terms of usability and functionality. It has the ability to upload images and video footage for feedback from respondents, as well as ranking and preference testing. This methodology is used extensively for:

  • Online prototype testing
  • Logo design feedback
  • TV commercial comparisons
  • Intercept interviews - Chitchat's field staff approach respondents in-field and capture their responses to survey questions instantly using an IPAD. These respondents can view images and footage in real- time, allowing them to give instant feedback.
  • Staff feedback surveys - A personalised online screener is designed which can be emailed to specific guests / staff / competitors / respondents for self-completion.

The output of the online screener is raw data. This data is able to be manipulated as required. This data is not available in real-time, however can be supplied as often as necessary.

Cost effective research snapshot - Package price $1500 + GST

Package includes:

  • Feedback from 100 respondents
  • Age, gender and geographical spread as it falls
  • Up to 10 questions, inclusive of images and videos

...on your desk within 48 hours

Typically this package is used to:

  • determine the viability of a new pitch
  • gather insights to support pre or post research project
  • evaluate a new logo or point of sale material
  • test a series of new commercials
  • identify a target market before the execution of a larger research project

We have a team of professionals who are able to assist with sensory research, intercept interviews and ideation research. Call us to discuss your needs further.


We are specialists in quantitative and qualitative recruitment. More specifically, we are idea generators and problem solvers who use more than traditional recruitment methods to extrapolate information from our respondents.

We own our database which opened for respondent registration in 2008. We keep up to date with the latest marketing, advertising and social media trends resulting in a hugely varied and diverse respondent offer. Therefore, we can proudly boast that we have emerged from small beginnings to become a well-oiled, professional and reliable market research recruitment firm.

We are member of the AMSRS, and have recently obtained membership with AMSRO.

Our professional team of recruiters ensure:

  • respondents are recruited in a timely manner as per the client's specifications
  • clients are constantly updated during the recruitment process
  • deadlines are met or exceeded
  • back up respondents are recruited for each project to ensure an excellent attendance rate


You are true to your brand footprint of being a reliable and professional firm. Thank you for helping to make our project run so smoothly and for your talkative participants.

Melbourne Research Agency, (Feb 2013)

I must say, Chitchat's work on my job has been an absolute STANDOUT. I used four recruiters on this job, because I didn't think it would be in field long enough to be recruited by just one team. Well, the respondents have been chalk and cheese, and it was a fantastic insight for me. I plan to forward all my business through Chitchat in the future.

Some researchers feel that by spreading their work across several recruiters, they are accessing a bigger sample set, and their work will benefit. Well, that's a moot point when you have a performer in the mix, like Chitchat. You were able to glean pertinent details from my rushed brief, and then ask the right questions and really understand what I needed. Your respondents have all been honest, varied people, on time, and relevant. Honestly, it was obviously very well done, and I truly appreciate your efforts. Thank you for a job well done.

Melbourne independent, (July 2012)

Three words... we love you

Sydney ad agency (May 2012)

Keep up the good work. I'm so pleased to have found your company and I look forward to a long and happy (and busy) working relationship with you. Thank you.

Brisbane consultancy (March 2012)

We were really happy with the participants you recruited for us and with the whole experience of working with Chitchat to meet the recruitment requirements, particularly your efficiency in recruiting relatively low-incidence participants for us in such a short timeframe.

Large Research House Brisbane (July 2011)